Fresh Alaskan Salmon, Halibut, and Black Cod


At the Kodiak Island Smokehouse we offer a variety services for processing and custom smoking fish for tourists and locals alike, including vacuum packing and shipping to your desired destination. 

At the Kodiak Island Smokehouse, we also carry a supply of smoked products that are made from our wild Alaskan fish.  All of our items are available to purchase in our retail store or online.  We even offer a variety of gift boxes so you can share our amazing products with the people in your life.  We’re currently offering smoked black cod, smoked halibut, smoked king salmon, smoked red salmon, smoked silver salmon, and a smoked salmon dip that is available in regular or jalapeño flavors.  Try our smoked fish for various appetizers, salads, and entrees!

Our company was established in 1984 and it was the first commercial smokehouse on the town side of Kodiak island. The Kodiak Island Smokehouse supplies some of the finest restaurants in Kodiak with smoked salmon for their appetizer, salad, and main menu selections.

Fisherman Caught
No Chemicals or Preservatives
No added nitrites!
No added sugar!

Fine Establishments Who Carry Our Products


Henry’s Great Alaskan Restaurant. Delicious food, generous portions and great service!

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