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Investing In Quality

 What is the difference between Kodiak Island Smokehouse processing and other processors? 

We provide more of a boutique processor experience. Which means a different quality of processing than you may receive at a bigger commercial processing plant.

Here at Kodiak Island Smokehouse you get YOUR fish back. We ensure each customer's catch is separated from all the other customers during the entire process. We use knives and highly skilled employee's to fillet your fish, keeping a maximum of your meat in your hands.  Since we strive to provide the best custom processing experience, You can request that we save your heads, eggs or leave the fish whole. It's your fish, so you call the shots.

Redefining Custom Processing

 The health benefits of  "Wild Alaskan Salmon" are renowned, something you should eat every day. At The Kodiak Island Smokehouse, it is our goal to always be thinking up new custom products and options for your salmon.  I mean, how much baked and smoked salmon can you eat in a week? But what if you could have bratwurst, breakfast links, or ground Italian sausage all made from 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon! Now it's possible to eat salmon every day when you have so many delicious options. We also offer the staples such as raw vac pack and our delicious natural smoking.

With so many different flavors and styles, you'll never run out of ways to make your salmon catch impress.

Community Values

 The Kodiak Island Smokehouse has been family owned and female operated since its beginning in 1987. We are proud to be powerful women successfully navigating a traditionally male dominated industry. By working with other local businesses, we are furthering Kodiak's economy and sense of community. 


Our Mission Statement

At the Kodiak Island Smokehouse we are focused on not only providing a quality product for the tourist and local's alike, but we are also working on lessening our foot print on the planet. We recycle plastic, cardboard and even the cooking oil from our food truck. Rather then adding cooking oil to the landfills, we process it down to become the most wonderful soap bars. Our bed and breakfast is stocked with our soap as well as the smokehouse restroom. It can also be purchased in our gift store while supplies last. Our food truck uses paper, biodegradable containers, and also bamboo silverware in place of plastic and Styrofoam. There are many other ways we are working towards a cleaner future we hope you will join us and look for even more ways to bless our planet. 

Salmon sausage on the grill

Find New Products

What's "Smokin' good" at the Kodiak Island Smokehouse? 100% Wild caught Alaskan salmon sausages. We have flavors like Italian, Cajun, Bratwurst, and Breakfast. My personal favorite, Norwegian, is seasoned with juniper berries and other unique spices. These spice blends are our own creation so we can control the quality of ingredients, leaving out the bad stuff. 


Our Bed and Breakfast

Need a place to stay in Kodiak? The Kodiak Island Smokehouse has it's very own bed and breakfast! The newly remodeled BnB is situated on the lake for the most amazing views. Did you book a float plane fishing or sightseeing trip? You can be picked up and dropped off on our private docks located at your front door. Click below to go to the Lily Lake BnB Page for more information.

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Kodiak Island Smokehouse

Kodiak Island Smokehouse 1011 Mill Bay Road Kodiak, AK 99615 US

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March 1st Through March 31st we are closed for renovations. 

We will reopen on April 1st.