Custom Processing


Catch Your Own Fish?

 If you are visiting Kodiak and get to enjoy the abundant fishing season, we can make your trip even more pleasurable by taking care of your catch for you. Bring us your prize and we will clean and process your fish, vacuum pack it as is, or smoke it and send it home with you.  

 All Prices Based on Incoming Weight.

Vacuum Pack and Freeze

 Includes wash, fillet, portion cut (if desired), vacuum seal & freeze 

- $ 1.75 per pound, any fish 

- $ .50 extra per pound for small portions 

Hot Smoking

Includes wash, fillet, portion cut (if desired), brine, smoke, custom label, vacuum seal & freeze 

- $ 5.75 / LB for any salmon species 

- $ 6.95 / LB for all other fish 

- $ .50 / LB for small portions, skinless fish, collars, bellies, strips or any other small pieces 


 Nordic style raw salmon, cured in salt, sugar, and various herbs and spices 

 Gravlax can be used in place of lox on bagels or it can be used on salads or with crackers as an appetizer 

 Includes wash, trim, deboning, curing, vacuum seal & freeze.  Takes approximately 2 week. 

                                                                               5 LB minimum for each flavor 

- $ 7.50 / LB - Dill 

         - Dill is the traditional herb used to make gravlax 

- $ 8.95 / LB - Pastrami 

          - Cured salmon topped with caraway, coriander and other spices 

- $10.95 / LB  -  Kodiak Spruce 

           - Cured with locally foraged sitka spruce.  Makes a great gift or souvenir! 

                                                                           Additional $ 2.00 / LB to skin & slice 

Salmon Burgers

 Salmon mixed with eggs, panko, onions, celery, seasonings and all formed into burger patties 

                                                                                               10 LB minimum