Wild Caught Alaskan Smoked Seafood Gift Boxes


Make a splash at your next gathering with our gourmet smoked seafood. Enjoy our deliciously seasoned smoked fish with family and friends and make your event more than just a meal. Choose any of our smoked fish options such as smoked salmon, smoked cod and smoked halibut, to be a featured staple on your horderves tray or charcuterie board. Our wild-caught smoked seafood goes great with any cracker and can be combined into your most creative dinner party recipes.   

Our wild-caught smoked seafood gift boxes are conveniently packaged,  shipped frozen, and are perishable. We ship our packages by UPS but FedEx is available upon request. Once shipped, your package will be on your doorstep in 24-48 hours.

Don't forget a personalized greeting card will be added to your gift box this holiday season as our *Thank You*  to you for your purchase.

*Shipping fees are already included in the price of each gift box.

*Must call to order products different from our gift boxes   (907) 486-6455 



Mix and match your favorite Kodiak Island Smokehouse products!  

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wild caught Alaskan smoked seafood gift basket

1 lb smoked silver salmon

4 lb raw silver salmon

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wild caught Alaskan smoked seafood gift basket

2 lb smoked keta salmon

2 lb smoked silver salmon

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Gourmet wild caught Alaskan seafood gift basket

1 lb smoked silver salmon

1 lb smoked sockeye salmon

0.5 lb smoked lingcod

0.5 lb smoked halibut

0.5 smoked black cod

-Free shipping 



Wild caught Alaskan Smoked Salmon gift basket

1 lb smoked pinks

1 lb smoked keta

1 lb smoked silver

1 lb smoked sockeye

0.5 lb smoked king

-Free Shipping 



Wild Caught Alaskan Smoked Salmon Gift Basket

3 lb small pieces smoked silver

2 lb small pieces smoked sockeye

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Gourmet Wild Caught Alaskan Smoked Seafood Gift Basket

2 lb smoked silver

2 lb smoked sockeye

1 lb smoked king

1 lb smoked lingcod

1 lb smoked halibut

1 lb smoked black cod

With your choice of Large plain or jalapeno party dip 

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